EVO Manuals

Our FAQ section details some of the issues we have come across or our customers have reported to us. Each Luxriot EVO installation comes with comprehensive digital manuals which are installed onto your server and clients. These manuals are automatically updated when you update your version. You can find these manuals in the Luxriot folder in your programs explorer.

Further literature is available here


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Can you help with my installation and EVO training ?

Yes contact us or click through the online shopping, there are options for support in both Buy Global and Buy EVO S and book an installation service with your software purchase.

We already support customers who have chosen to Buy EVO Global and manage their systems through their own team of engineers.

You can also book a Videcom experienced engineer to attend your premises and provide EVO training as well as help with your installation and configuration of your system.

Installation and training is subject to quotation, we also have options to provide online remote support for your EVO installation as well as full build, delivery and installation of Videcom EVO servers.