About Videcom Security Ltd

Videcom Security are a UK reseller and technical support company where you can buy Luxriot EVO S and Luxriot EVO Global with confidence, on our website you will find information on how to buy all versions of Luxriot software, including the enterprise Global version, in the UK and Northern Ireland together with ongoing UK support from our technical team as well as help and advice on choosing the best Luxriot EVO software version to buy.

Videcom Security employ in-house Luxriot EVO trained engineers and are here to help you with your purchase, installation and configuration of your chosen VMS (Video Management System) solution. Luxriot EVO software can be installed onto most recent versions of Microsoft WIndows Operating Systems 32 or 64 bit.

Choose Videcom Security with confidence when purchasing Luxriot EVO software: Videcom Security Ltd, the number one UK technical reseller of Luxriot Software again in 2017, for more information on the full range of services offered by Videcom Security please visit our main website.

Contacting our sales team @ Videcom Security 

Please contact us through our main website contact form https://videcomsecurity.co.uk/contactus.html.

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