Slow to show Playback Streams

Symptoms: When selecting playback it takes a long time for the channel streams to display.

The main cause of this is your storage drives have been left set with indexing enabled. If you browse to each storage drive and right click for properties and uncheck the indexing option.

Other options include type of storage disk used, number of streams currently selected and network performance. Videcom Recommend Seagate or Western Digital made for CCTV surveillance disks.

If you have deployed remote clients check if the performance is better directly on the server.

Recordings do not last long enough

Symptoms: Your recordings do not last very long.

There are many reasons why your recording duration may be reduced, including options within EVO to automatically truncate after a prescribed number of days. First check your storage drives look correct, you have all the drives working and the drives look around 80% full (default).

If you have HD cameras these use more storage, you can also consider using h265 which delivers smaller data sizes for given resolutions. Other options include motion detection recording, creating multiple recording profiles to suit your site or simply increasing your storage.

To calculate storage requirements.

I only want to keep recordings for 31 days

Symptoms: Your recordings are retained for longer than your data policy allows.

If you operate a non-privately owned CCTV system you are required in the UK to register your system with the ICO in accordance with the CCTV data protection legislation (Data protection Act 1998).

Part of your registration will detail the duration you are keeping video data, your EVO recording profiles can be set to delete any data that is older than this requirement.

In addition this requirement to truncate data can also be set within the servers storage settings to ensure no recording profile exceeds the data storage requirements you have set.