Upgrading Luxriot VMS or Videcom VNR to EVO

Upgrading from Luxriot VMS or your Videcom VNR system is made easy and you can even keep your and review your existing recordings after upgrading to EVO.

We have special pricing for customers wishing to upgrade from earlier generation Luxriot VMS and Videcom VNR and would ask that you contact our sales for further pre-sales support before buying EVO.

Luxriot EVO also supports import of your existing VMS/VNR configuration, saving time during your upgrade process as well as allowing the replay of older version recordings through the EVO client..

Upgrading you EVO Software

When you purchase EVO S or Global you are entitled to free updates for 2 years, updates are published from time to time and a history of these updates are shown here.

Updates ensure you get access to the very latest features and functions of EVO as well as provide you with protection and access to bug fixes and patches.

YOu can extend your software support buy purchasing an additional 2 or 8 year support which includes Videcom support as well as future updates from Luxriot.

Can I upgrade my old VMS?

If you are an existing Luxriot VMS or Videcom VNR customer you will be eligible for an upgrade option discount against your existing VMS/VNR licence code. Discounts are available for EVO S and EVO Global expansion packs.

For further information on upgrading your existing Luxriot or Videcom VNR server please contact our sales department together with your current licence code, software edition and version.

Click here for upgrading instructions from VMS and VNR

How do I upgrade ?

To upgrade to EVO you will first need to upgrade your VMS or VNR to the latest version, these versions are both available online for you to download. We have placed a link in our training videos section to help you through the upgrade to EVO, for customers with Videcom VNR there are a couple of extra steps required in order to retain your previous recorded footage once migrated to EVO, this additional VNR process is explained in our FAQ section.

Download latest version Luxriot VMS

Download latest version Videcom VNR