Setting up the Luxriot EVO Mail Server :

The Mail Server setup allows you to add email server configuration for use by the Luxriot EVO Servers, facilitating the sending of email alerts which are configured through the Luxriot Console Applications, Events and Actions section.

The example we have shown uses Google GMail, we have found some email service providers do not accept connection from Luxriot EVO due to the security policies they have adopted. We recommend if you are having any issues to use Google GMail.

Gmail by Google is an easy way to set up your Luxriot EVO mail sending server, Gmail is free to use and is supported by the EVO software suite. First you need to set up your google gmail account. You will also need to change some settings in your gmail account via the web interface and enable POP3 in Gmail Settings >>Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Once you have your account setup, for example, you can then setup your mail server in EVO Configurator.

gmail less secure apps setting

In order to use Gmail you need to enable less secure apps to access your account, when you first try sending an email from EVO you may get an email in your Gmail inbox explaining this and how to enable your account for less secure apps. To change this setting click here.You may also be requested to verify your sending IP address, if this is the case you will receive an email in your gmail inbox, if you do not plan to look at your gmail we recommend forwarding all gmail to a known mail account you use.

Setting up Luxriot EVO Mail Server

EVO Settings

Using EVO Console please Navigate to Mail Servers in the main configuration area.

You will need to complete the following:

Name: Your chosen server name.

Host: (gmail server.)

Port : 587 (the IP Port of the gmail server.)

UserName: Your gmail email

Password: Your gmail password

Security Mode: Select TLS (if using gmail.)

Q. Has Mail Server Configuration moved ? A. Mail Server configuration for all EVO versions from 1.7 is now found in the main configuration area within EVO Console, this change, from the Events & Actions section, was made following the introduction of Reports in the main Console Menu, allowing users to send reports by email.

Once you have your email server setup you can create automated email events through Luxriot Events & Actions, for example you can create events to alert you if you have a disk or server error. Send snapshot still images following event trigger, for example intruder alert detection. Detect a VCA event on a camera and send a still snapshot from another. You can also send different emails to different end users or user groups defined by receiver email address. Some events such as camera video loss can be created as a single event with database fields such as camera name being inserted into the email body text automatically should the event occur (this function still requires a source event for each alert.