Terms used and explained :

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ANPR: Automatic Number Plate Reading.

ANPR: Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

AVI: Audio Video Interleave.

CCTV: Closed Circuit Television.

EVO: Latest generation Luxriot VMS.

FR: Facial Recognition.

GIS: Geographic Information System

H264: Motion Compensation Video Compression.

H265: High Efficiency Motion Compensated Video Coding.

IP: Internet Protocol

I/O or IO: Input Output, typical digital or audio devices.

LPR: Licence Place Recognition (see ANPR).

MP4: MPEG4 Video Format.

MKV: Open Standard Video File Format.

ONVIF: Open Network Video Interface Forum.

RTMP: Real Time Messaging Protocol.

RTSP: Real Time STreaming protocol.

TCP: Transmission Control Protocol

T&D: Time and Date.

VCA: Video Content Analytics.

VMS: Video Management System.

UAC: User Account Control.

UDP: User Datagram Protocol (send and forget)