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Welcome to buy Luxriot by Videcom Security, your home for UK sales and support of the popular Luxriot EVO S and Luxriot EVO Global Open Platform Open Architecture IP Video Management Software (VMS).

We are currently operating with a manual back office that will handle your order or order request before we ask for payment. This enables our engineers to confirm with you your chosen Luxriot software product and also provide any additional pre-sales support that may be required. If you create a user account during the ordering process this will only be retained while we process your order through our own internal systems. Your details will not be added to any mailing lists or used for any other purpose apart from you active enquiry.

Please follow through the online order process which will set up an order on our system, this will then be picked up by our sales team who will make contact confirming your Luxriot software order and advise you on methods of payment and delivery.

Software Subscriptions

Luxriot EVO S and Global comes complete with 2 years software subscriptions, this allows owners to update their software to the latest version, see here for history of EVO. Owners can extend their subscriptions and Luxriot are due to release a new pricing structure allowing for subscriptions to be taken from 1 through to 8 years. Contact sales for further information.

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Buy Luxriot is owned and operated by Videcom security Ltd, this site is maintained to provide an online resource, support and online sales portal for the popular Luxriot EVO Video Management Software.

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This site is for customers throughout the United KIngdom and Northern Ireland who are looking to buy a market leading adaptable open architecture CCTV Video Management Software solution,

Videcom Security are the largest UK technical reseller of Luxriot Software and employ Luxriot trained and certificated engineers who also install and maintain Luxriot EVO S and EVO Global systems, allowing us a unique insight into the Luxriot EVO software, it's operation and installation requirements.

For customers wishing to buy Luxriot EVO software in Guernsey and the Channel Islands and for local direct support please contact Vision Networks Ltd.

Choosing your EVO Software :

Luxriot EVO S: Single server version of the popular Luxriot Video Management Software, available for systems from 24 video devices.

Luxriot EVO Global: Multi-server, multi-site capable enterprise level VMS, support for systems from 100 to unlimited video devices.

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Buy Luxriot EVO software with confidence :

Your Luxriot EVO S and EVO Global Video Management Software licence purchases come with comprehensive UK based support from Videcom Security engineers. We have also added an online help and FAQ section, which are designed to help guide you through your VMS software choices as well as provide basic software installation and configuration guidance. Browse our in-depth articles about Luxriot EVO features and bolt-on analytical modules.

Manufacturer backed support :

Luxriot EVO software you purchase is further supported by Luxriot's own technical support team, with online support assistance and fault reporting.

Why choose Luxriot :

Luxriot VMS and now Luxriot EVO have been the mainstay recording and Video Management Software of choice for many satisfied users since 2004. EVO S and EVO Global are the latest generations of the tried and tested CCTV and digital image surveillance software. Now available in both 32 and recommended 64 bit Microsoft Windows installation packages along with with separate dedicated management console as well as MS WIndows, Mac X OS, IOS & Android mobile client monitoring applications, Chromecast connectivity, YouTube RTMP video streaming, Android TV, ONVIF Profile G Edge Recording, ONVIF Profile S video streaming along with with an extremely wide range of manufacturer supported cameras.

Luxriot is a leading software in the number of ip CCTV hardware devices supported: 4000+ models of network cameras and network video servers from over 140+ manufacturers, as well as fully ONVIF Profile S & profile G compliant — one of the most comprehensive choices available in the market."

EVO S Complimentary is currently not available

Key Features of EVO S and EVO Global (*) :

Cost effective 64 Bit Open Platform Video Management System

Built in Video Distribution Server for Web and Mobile Client

No cost to install monitor application instances

Video Display Wall built into EVO Global (*)

Advanced Event and Events management

Send emails, Trigger events, Change Displays, Log Events

4000+ Configured camera models plus ONVIF S Profile support

User Maps, Buttons, System Counters and Camera VCA integration

Video Content Analytics Bolt on options including ANPR (LPR) and FR

Easy to install & configure and easy to use, with extensive manuals

AVI, MP4 and MKV export as well as JPeg Snapshot

Monitor viewing application, Themes and User Viewports

Global Failover and mirroring server options (*)

APi Advanced Programmers Interface, third party application support.

Software Watchdogs and device monitoring.

Comprehensive User Account Control.

Large evidence data export as well as AVI, MP4 & MKV.

RTMP & bidirectional mobile device Audio / Video streaming.

Since the company’s inception, Luxriot has chosen to work with a network of reliable distributors and resellers, such as Videcom. More than a decade later, it is still proving to be the most efficient way to provide availability and quality support to end users, wherever they are. Luxriot is represented in about 70 countries worldwide, and their partnership network is constantly growing.

Luxriot EVO Video Management Software (VMS): Flexible video device integration supporting over 4000 named and tested video devices combined with a host of standard user friendly smart CCTV features compatible with both h264 & h265 video. EVO’s open architecture design allows users to build scalable hybrid CCTV solutions combining comprehensive events and actions management with CCTV camera-side smart events, as well as work with bolt-on ANPR, FR & Video Analytics, external serial data (PoS) and external source mobile video.

Videcom are a Registered UK Luxriot Partner as well as an OEM integrator under our own branded VNR and SceneVu cameras and servers. As such we have a unique insight and understanding of the Luxriot software brand, and are well positioned to deliver ongoing support and advice on all Luxriot EVO VMS solutions as well as general IP CCTV support & advice. So whether you want to Buy Luxriot EVO, Buy Luxriot Global or even just invest in a licence upgrade or analytics Videcom are here to help. This site is maintained primarily to support software only sales of the Luxriot EVO software family, for complete CCTV and Access Control systems and further information on our installation & maintenance services please visit our main Videcom Security website. Information and updates are also available on our Buy Luxriot Facebook Business page.

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