How to Install Luxriot EVO S :

EVO S can be downloaded from the main Luxriot Website please make sure you download the correct version for your Windows Operating System, EVO S can be installed on Windows 7 and 10 and comes in both 32 and 64 bit installation packages. A complementary EVO 16 channel licence is available, if you select this item from the Buy EVO S page and we will forward you a licence key free of charge, alternatively you can request an EVO 9 channel licence online direct from Luxriot. You will be directed to enter or request a licence key following the installation. EVOS S has 3 installation package options in both 32 and 64 bit, EVO S Server, Console and Monitor.

EVO S Installer

This installation package contains the EVO S server software, configuration software and the client monitor application, all within the single installation package. Chose this installer if you wish to install EVO or EVO S Server.

EVO Console Installer

This installation package contains the EVO Console and EVO Monitor applications only, this software can be used to both configure your EVO S server(s) as well as monitor and replay the cameras. This installer can also be used on EVO Global systems.

EVO Monitor Installer

This installation package contains only the Luxriot EVO MOnitor application, this is primarily for installations of the monitor application onto to remote client PC's requiring access to the CCTV resources manages on the EVO S Server

Install Luxriot EVO S


First prepare your server, add any storage disks or devices (see storage calculator), carry out any recommended Windows Operating System Updates and reboot your server. Also ensure you have no other copies of Luxriot or Videcom VNR software installed.

Download your chosen installation package, EVO S is a single server solution with options to add monitoring clients connecting to the server.

Installing my new EVO S system


Once you have downloaded the software you can continue with the installation. You can download the Luxriot Installation Guide before commencing.

It is assumed you understand how to install software on a Microsoft Windows Operating system, if in doubt please consult your system administrator or ask us at Videcom for help.

Follow the steps through the installation process

Installed EVO S

Installation Questions

Please also refer installation guide.

1. Read and accept the software licence agreement.

2. Choose your program installation location, this will normally be the default location shown.

3. Select which software components you wish to install, Server, Console and Monitoring Client Application. Typically you will install all 3 applications on your server.

Setting up your EVO S Server

It is assumed you have some understanding of IP Network configuration and also access rights to your CCTV cameras or encoders. Before you start setting up your server we recommend you can browse to you IP Video device web configuration page and that you can also login the device with your username and password. We also recommend you set the devices resolution, frame rate, any motion detection and compression format. typically modern cameras will be either h264 or h265. EVO S also supports MJPeg as well as some custom formats including JPeg still images. If your camera is ONVIF compliant check if you have seperate user credentials for the ONVIF interface within the camera.

EVO S Server Setup

Set Up Server

Following installation you will be prompted with a server setup wizard, here you can enter your server title, we recommend for normal installations do not change the server port.

The Wizard will then guide you through the licensing process, please enter your supplied licence key at this time. If you are unable to connect your EVO S server to the internet there is a simple offline registration process, otherwise chose Activate Existing Licence Key and follow the instructions.

EVO S Configure Your Server

Configure Your Server

After installation and Server setup you will be presented with the login in screen for Console, from here you can configure your server. Initially there is no password for the user admin, you will be requested to create a password when you first use Console. Please remember to keep a record of this system admin password.

In your program folder on your server you will also find that you have shortcuts to the various Luxriot Applications as well as error reporting wizards and electronic copies of the manuals.

EVO S Administration Guide

Time for some reading

Before you proceed and configure your server we recommend you read through your Luxriot EVO S administration guide. This will help ensure you get off to a good start and quickly configure your cameras and video devices.

Luxriot have included several wizards to speed up the installation process, for example you can auto discover your IP Video devices

We recommend before using the Wizard try adding one camera manually, get it working, recording and playing back and get a feel for the easy to use Monitor Application.

The purpose of this guide is to help you through the installation of your new Luxriot EVO S Server software. We recommend you carefully read through all the documentation than comes with your your software. Videcom are here to helps have installed many instances of Luxriot EVO S and in the majority of cases these have been without issue. If you do experience any problems with your Videcom purchased installation do not hesitate to contact us. The free 9 channel EVO complimentary licence available on the main Luxriot website does not come with any Videcom support.

This information provided on our website is given freely and in good faith. Videcom provide this information and information on our website without any liability, please check you fully understand the implications of any advice or help comments before making any changes to your system or carrying out any advice or support provided here. Information published has been tested but we cannot be held responsible for damage,loss or costs which you may incur whether taking our advice or not

Further help on CCTV systems is available on our main site.