The idea of a well-designed, top-quality and high-performance Video Management Software Solution, delivered to customers at competitive prices, was first developed in 2004 by the finest international team of computer engineers. That is how Luxriot® started.

Over the years, Luxriot have listened to their software users and resellers, such as Videcom, , watched the trends, and through development kept on perfecting the Luxriot VMS (Video Management software), in an uncompromising pursuit of superior value for money, ergonomic operation and an outstanding service experience for users.

Grown from this conviction, Luxriot current sells in 196 countries and has seen their software installed into prestige projects all over the globe. Whether working with 20 cameras or with 7000, all Luxriot end users can rely on the flawless customer service and support by Videcom Security and Luxriot.

Now, over a decade later, the Luxriot foundation vision continues to guide the beliefs, actions and ambitions of Luxriot’s professional team. Ensuring the exceptional quality of its solutions, the new generation of VMS software products – Luxriot Evo, Luxriot Evo S and Luxriot Evo Global – combine an astonishing degree of innovation with Luxriot’s recognisably high quality of implementation.

Luxriot security and video surveillance software key features are open platform, scalable solutions, efficient performance

Luxriot EVO Complementary 16 channel

EVO Complementary Edition

Complimentary 16 Channel available direct from Videcom is a free life to use 16 channel version of EVO S. Download EVO, request a licence from Videcom and we will send this to you without obligation.Some features are not available in this free to use version but it is a fully working copy the VMS software.

Feel free to try before you Buy Luxriot..

You can alternatively request a 9 channel complimentary licence during software registration online.

Luxriot EVO S for sale

EVO S Single Server edition

EVO S, is our single server version of the EVO software, with various licence options from 24 channels through to unlimited (Hardware dependant). A popular choice for customers wishing to build a versatile CCTV system with a reliable core recording and Video Management system at its heart. WIth Open Architecture and support for over 4000 video devices and cameras.

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Buy Luxriot EVO Global About Global

EVO Global Multi-Server Edition

Global by Luxriot is our enterprise edition. Multi-Site, Multi-Server, multi-organisation VMS software with a minimum 100 channel licence.

Global delivers an integrated CCTV video solution with video wall management, redundancy and fail safe design. Global is ideal for Town and City Centres, Casinos, Large industrial sites and multi-site organisations.

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