Questions about EVO Global :

Common questions and answers about Luxriot EVO Global, please feel free to browse our site and information pages, Global is the enterprise version of Luxriot EVO open architecture Video Management System designed for larger systems and systems connected over multiple locations, sites and organisations. You can buy Luxriot Global licences, starting with the base licence that comes complete with your first 100 channel licences.

Q. Where can I buy Global?

A. Videcom are a trained certificated reseller of EVO and an OEM integrator of Luxriot software. Videcom are able to provide fully assembled systems or quotations for software only licensing. We recommend you also purchase additional installation and management training for your new EVO Global system.

Q. Can I install Global myself?

A. Yes Global can be provided as a 32 or 64 bit windows installation package. Due to the advanced features of EVO Videcom always recommend you take advantage of our installation and training services. EVO Global will only be sold as software only to customers who can demonstrate the level of competency required for an enterprise VMS solution.

Q. When should I choose Global?

A. Luxriot Global has been designed for larger systems possibly with multiple recording servers, monitoring clients and options for video wall display and remote site integration, all managed from a central database. For smaller systems up to 96 cameras EVO S should also be considered.

Q. Do you offer support ?

A. Yes, basic installation support is included with any software purchase you make from Videcom, this is UK based support and provided by Luxriot trained engineers with experiencing of installing both EVO Global and EVO S systems. For ongoing support Videcom are able to offer software support contracts, providing remote online support of your EVO Global System.

Q. Can I mix Global and EVO S?

A. Yes EVO servers can all be viewed through Monitor, some Features are exclusive to Global servers, such as video wall display.

Q. Can I upgrade from VMS/VNR?

A. Yes, there are upgrade options and VMS/VNR licences can be traded in for bolt on additional camera licence packs, any VMS/VNR recordings will be available as orphaned files.

Please see our section on upgrading.

Q. Can I re-use my current cameras?

A. In most cases Yes, EVO is fully ONVIF compliant and also supports a very wide range cameras through manufacturer specific drivers. EVO also provides support for internal analogue capture cards and external video encoders.