Luxriot Evo Global :

Luxriot Evo Global is a complete surveillance ecosystem solution for enterprises of any size, even those distributed across multiple sites. The EVO server software has been designed with the core of the original Luxriot VMS (Videcom VNR) video engine, the quality of which has been proven worldwide over the last decade.

This new generation version of the VMS software, Luxriot Evo Global, not only offers 64-bit speed and memory resource access but also all the necessary tools for setting up an absolute situational alertness CCTV surveillance system aimed to allow rapid response to events. With EVO Global Luxriot have introduced a central server governance console and managed hierarchy of all the components, through Console you can both manage and monitor your server, your video devices, system health and so much more. Please browse our support and information pages before you decide to buy Luxriot EVO Global.

Videco Analytic Bolt Ons for EVO Software
Luxriot EVO Global
Luxriot Global Modules

Comprehensively Global :

This is one of the most cost effective and comprehensive enterprise-level VMS & CRVMS solutions on the market, featuring interactive static & GIS mapping as well as advanced event and action manager, analytics tools, bi-directional video to mobile, advanced video wall support and many other components and VMS features you will definitely appreciate and enjoy managed through a single per channel licensing.

To ensure the safety of your data, all paid for versions of Luxriot EVO also offer camera side ONVIF G edge storage recording for synchronising video data with compatible IP devices SD card storage, archive replication, advanced system health monitoring, central server mirroring and failover, which all help reduce the possible disruption of your video surveillance and enhance system resilience. All this, plus monitor client customisation combined with Videcom Security technical support backed up by Luxriot, makes Luxriot Evo Global a video surveillance solution you can count on.

Feature Rich :

Global is one of the most comprehensive enterprise-level VMS solutions on the market, cost competitive and featuring interactive maps linked to alarms; an advanced event and action manager; analytics tools; video wall support and other user intuitive components.

EVO is continually evolving with new user friendly features and software tools.

Data Safe :

Ensuring the safety of your recorded video, audio, analytic and event data, EVO also offers ONVIF G edge recording for synchronising data with IP devices storage, archive replication, advanced system health monitoring and failover, Global Server Mirroring, all helping to reduce disruption of video surveillance recordings to zero, particularity where Wi-Fi transmission, Broadband and 4G has been deployed.

Robust Software :

Luxriot EVO Global is a robust tried and tested 64 bit Microsoft Windows software solution designed for all your IP Video management requirements. fully scalable, with extensive easy to follow configuration menus and wizards and UK supported by Luxriot trained and certificated Videcom Security.

Buy Luxriot EVO Global with Confidence from Videcom Security.

Recording Performance :

64bit high performance resource efficient recording engine. Distributed storage options RAID, NAS, Archive Replication, Edge.

Support for both h264 and h265 video compression and resolutions of 4K and beyond resolutions and server side 360 degree camera dewarp.

Failover server clusters and failback disks, multiple recording profile, manage VMS recording through time schedules, motion and trigger events.

Unlimited scalability with multi-site connectivity, mirroring management server options.

Centrally Manage :

Luxriot EVO Console provides management, of servers and real time monitoring of system resources.

Deploy console anywhere on your system for secure management of all video devices, servers, storage, users, user groups, static and GIS online maps and video walls as well as manage and configure events, actions & alerts.

Comprehensive user level support including visual groups and resource mapping restricting users to local, mobile or organisational connectivity.

IP CCTV Control Room :

Managed CCTV Video Wall, deliver video, maps alerts and alarms to your video wall display, scalable wall hardware with multiple monitor support per wall driver hardware device.

Quick copy user display to video wall, pop-up event video, display GIS and static maps, FTP drop static images along with inbound mobile video live streaming.

Configurable display montages, mix & match live and replay video, maps. Save layouts to users and user groups. Save start-up displays, automatically change layouts based on events and schedules.

User Friendly Client Monitor Software :

Multi-user Luxriot Monitor with advanced UAC User Access Control. Configurable user viewports, hotkeys & layouts. Multi-Monitor multi-screen support, local archive to DVD & USB device with seperate application for bulk data export.

Drag and drop objects direct to screen with options to send your layouts direct to video wall. Real time situational aware icons for motion, record status and video stream performance.

Instant playback with mix of live and replay to screen, PTZ HUD and USB Joystick support, Pop up alerts, Notification overlay, replay, smart search, ANPR, FR and VCA live and replay integration options.

Export to AVI, MP4 and MKV with watermark and custom replay software. Easy export to DVD wizard and centralised network or per workstation video evidence locker library options.

More on Maps :

Luxriot EVO Mapping supports a wide user choice of camera icons with configurable per icon colour, type & fields of view. Simple drag and drop map editor within Luxriot Console along with additional icons for map navigation, video wall and user buttons.

Online GIS Maps utilise Street View for National UK and Channel Islands coverage. Create multiple GIS and static maps, associate maps with alerts and events for greater operator situational awareness. Drag and drop or double-click your map objects for easy flexible operation.

Manage map access through UAC control, with Map visual group allocation as well as individual user access control.

GIS maps are fully zoomable with default zoom scale along with option to lock field of view.