What is Luxriot EVO ?

Luxriot EVO S & Global: An easy to use video management system, which is designed to put your mind at rest. Powerful and smart, EVO supports almost all CCTV cameras, including analogue supported through internal server video capture cards or external analogue IP encoders , has a wide range of advanced features and a long list of add-ons, enabling a more efficient video surveillance than you will probably have ever encountered before.

Luxriot EVO is a cost effective software solution for all your IP Video integration needs, from single server EVO S through to the enterprise multi-server multi-site EVO Global. EVO is open architecture, working with almost all mainstream IP video devices with ONVIF G and S support, RTSP, MJPeg as well as custom configuration options.

Intuitive and user-friendly :

The meticulously designed interface allows all users to quickly understand the whole configuration process and start using the software.

Complete ecosystem :

The software is packed with essential and advanced features to allow you to make the most of your surveillance system, regardless of how extensive it is.

Time-proven performance :

Quality and stability of the software’s core is proven and backed up by Luxriot’s ten plus years of experience and continuous development.

Enterprise ready :

Now with the central server hierarchy, failover, archive replication and many more improvements, Luxriot Evo Global stands as the ideal system for large-scale solution.

Cohesive Software :

Key integral elements work together to create a cohesive and up-to-date piece of VMS software. When it comes to surveillance, every detail is important.

Proven Pedigree :

Over a decade of VMS Video Management Software development and support from the origins of Luxriot VMS through successive development culminating in EVO.

Luxriot EVO Features Banner

64 Bit Core

Built to take advantage of Windows latest 64 Bit OS, improving network, storage & video processing performance.

Powerful analytics

Optional Bolt-On ANPR, Facial Recognition and VCA combined with camera side integration I/O, Analytics and Motion Events.

Events and Actions

Flexible cross server support events management, event triggers cause and effect.


Failover and failback safe storage options combined with unlimited recording profiles including audio and event recording.

Archive Replication

Offsite copy data archive for your sensitive video data, mirror data copy offsite increasing system resilience.

Integration and APi

Third party system integration API, easy to use modern APi delivering video resource sharing and integration.

Over a decade of Luxriot team’s experience and expertise :

-all combined in Luxriot Evo. We have taken the best from our experience of working on thousands of projects around the globe, and we have perfected it according to the latest technological trends and the needs of today’s customers. If you require a complete video management ecosystem, Luxriot Evo offers both outstanding service experience and a superior value for money. Over the years, Luxriot professional team has been driven by a commitment to precision and innovation, as well as a determination to deliver only top quality results to our clients. Today we are proud to present to you the latest outcome of our endeavours: combining new opportunities with Luxriot’s excellence at implementation.


Supported Technologies :

ONVIF:Support for ONVIF Profiles S and G, allowing quick add for most modern IP cameras and devices.

Android: Mobile client with full bi-direction video and GPS.

IOS: Mobile client with full bi-direction video and GPS.

H265: Leading Edge H265 video support.

Chromecast: Video delivery to ChromeCast enabled devices.

MacOS: Mac Thin Client.

RTMP: Stream video devices to YouTube.

Choosing to Buy EVO :

Videcom Security have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Luxriot, both as OEM systems integrators and resellers of their VMS and more recently their EVO software. Having worked within the CCTV security industry for over 30 years Videcom are confident you will find Luxriot EVO meets with your approval, so much so we are happy for you to try before you buy Luxriot with our complimentary 16 channel edition.