Automatic Number Plate Reading

Luxriot EVO bolt-on integrated enterprise VMS with ANPR. ANPR (LPR) provides the ability to capture and decode vehicle licence plate registration marks (Licence plates). This Luxriot Bolt-On Analytics allows you to enhance your EVO S or EVO Global IP CCTV system enabling the capture, decoding and storage of vehicle licence plates. Your camera will need to be suitable for the task and provide a clear stable image of good quality, also depending on the speed of the traffic the camera's exposure settings (shutter speed) will need to be altered from its standard configuration. Although the software will work with standard CCTV cameras, many manufactures such as Dahua manufacture ANPR specific cameras with image processing enhancements for the clearer display of the number plate. Please also read our help article in our In Depth section on how to install your ANPR cameras.

ANPR Basic Edition

ANPR Basic

This is a 2 lane version of the ANPR engine designed primarily for slower moving traffic, car parking and site safety application.

Basic is ideal for smaller systems, entrances to Schools and Colleges, basic Access Control & video tagging of car park vehicle movements.

Luxriot LPR Enterprise

ANPR Enterprise

An unlimited channel licence with enhanced performance for faster flowing traffic. Designed for larger systems requiring multiple ANPR locations to be monitored.

This licence can accepts cameras from multiple servers and EVO S systems.

Videcom ANPR Manager

Videcom ANPR Manager

Videcom ANPR Manager is a Videcom Security product designed to manage ANPR data, provide enhanced reporting and search capability. ANPR Manager works with a variety of ANPR systems and integrates with the Luxriot ANPR data and video replay to provide additional functions such as car park management, traffic flow analysis and city centre traffic flow reporting.

License Plate Recognition Software

Luxriot License Plate Recognition Software for detecting, recognizing and registering vehicle license plates.

It offers a very high level of reading reliability, an intuitive installation process and great usability characteristics. Luxriot License Plate Recognition Software is designed to work with the Luxriot Evo servers.The software is ideally suited for vehicle access and traffic control, as well as enforcement applications. Luxriot also offers multiple customization possibilities for specific license plates and different types of transport (trains, cargo containers, etc)…

Key features

  • Quick and convenient search and browsing
  • Efficient licence plate recognition with minimal error rate
  • Multiple (selectable) country support
  • Software Camera position adjustment
  • Recognition area adjustment to optimise system load
  • Lighting condition adaptive algorithm

  • Unlimited local and remote “allowed” and “restricted” lists
  • Interface to external applications and devices
  • Saving of recognised license plates and snapshots
  • No limit to the number of cameras that can be attached
  • Requires Luxriot VMS or Evo servers for video feeds
  • Can Process video streams from multiple Luxriot servers