Facial Recognition

Luxriot Face Recognition [FR] is a biometric application that is designed to work with Luxriot Evo S/Global Servers. This software Bolt-On adds Facial Recognition capabilities to your Luxriot installation.

Two versions of this popular software are available, Basic and Enterprise with Basic being typically used for access control and single person recognition and Enterprise supporting multiple faces in a single image.

Facial Recognition Cameras


Luxriot FR Software Features Efficient recognition with low error rate - Quick and convenient registered faces search and browsing .

Maximum f faces recognized in 10 seconds

Maximum simultaneous video streams

Maximum simultaneously recognitions

Minimum Face presence Time

Simultaneous multiple face processing in live video - Storing recognized faces images on local or central database - Relies on Luxriot EVO servers for live and recorded video streams - Able to Process video streams from multiple Luxriot EVO servers.

FR Software can only be installed onto 64 Bit Microsoft Windows OS.

Luxriot FR Engine

FR Basic

Light version of the Facial Recognition software Bolt-On, designed for slower traffic throughput. with a maximum of 2 connected video streams.




1 Second

For FR Systems up to 2 video streams and for installations of FR Basic the following processor and memory specification is recommended.

Intel i5 >3,0 Ghz (4 threads)

Single CPU systems only

8 Gb RAM

Facial Recognition Results

FR Enterprise

Fast Server side facial recognition engine capable of detecting and processing multiple faces within a single video stream. Maximum 10 concurrent video streams.




0.1 Second

FR systems require higher specification processors, for systems with 3 or more connected channels the minimum specification is recommended.

Intel i7 or Xeon >3,2 Ghz (16 threads)

Single CPU systems only

16 Gb RAM