Upgrading to EVO :

Upgrading your Luxriot VMS and Videcom VNR systems is quite easy and you can even keep your existing recordings. For Videcom VNR systems please also follow the additional instructions shown here. This is a simple additional step to rename your storage folders to allow the EVO software to find your existing recordings and display then in the playback file tree within the Luxriot Monitor client.

You can also export your current VMS(VNR) server(s) configuration and import the configuration into your chosen EVO product, please ensure your licence supports the number of channels you plan to import.

We can provide an online support for the upgrade routine using TeamViewer10 if required, please request this service when choosing your Luxriot EVO product.

To find your existing Luxriot VMS / Videcom VNR licence code: From program files menu start your VMR/VNR server, a small icon will appear in you notification area (near the clock) right click this icon and select "About" to reveal a splash screen with licence code.

1. Upgrade your server software version to at least 2.5.8

Download latest version server software and install, following options to upgrade.

Download latest version Videcom VNR

Download latest version Luxriot VMS

Download VNR 2.5.8

2. Export configuration.

Once you have upgraded your server you will have a new option to export your server configuration, on systems with multiple servers you will need to carry out this task on all servers.

Select Sever Tab from Toolbar > Selected Server > Tasks > Configuration Export ...

You will then be prompted to save this configuration to a file, we recommend you name this file so you can identify it later.

Download VMS or VNR Configurarion

3. Uninstalling VMS or VNR

You can now uninstall your existing recording software. When you choose to remove your software you will be asked if you wish to keep your existing licence and configuration, we recommend at this stage to keep these, so in the unlikely event the upgrade process hits a problem you can revert to your old system by reinstalling.

4. Ready to Go

Once you have uninstalled your old server software you are ready to go. We recommend you reboot your server. Also carry out any critical windows updates, carry our server maintenance, clean cooling fans and vents. Check your storage drives have the option to index files unticked and any antivirus software is not enabled on these drives.

You now need to install your chosen EVO Server Software.