Upgrading your Videcom VNR Server to Luxriot EVO

Upgrading from Videcom VNR follows a very similar process to VMS, you just need to take a few additional steps in order to ensure your VNR footage is viewable from your new EVO system. For older 32 bit servers a 32 bit version of EVO is available.

Rename your storage folders: On VNR servers your storage folder(s) will have a root name Videcom VNR, this needs to be renamed to Luxriot.

When you upgrade to EVO, EVO S or EVO Global your new software will see the old recordings on the storage drives and these recordings will be available in a special Orphaned Tracks folder in the EVO Monitor replay window, allowing the replay of the old VNR footage.

Videcom VNR Rename Storage Folder

Renaming your storage drives

  1. Stop VNR Server. See below for further information.
  2. Open Each storage drive and find folder in root Called Videcom VNR.
  3. Rename each folder to Luxriot.
Videcom VNR Stop Service

Stopping Videcom VNR Server

  1. Locate VMS Server Icon in VNR programs folder and run.
  2. You will then see the server icon in notification area.
  3. Right click this icon to reveal control menu.
  4. Click to stop service/application.