Q. Can I Upgrade my Server even if I do not have Luxriot Software ?

A. In many cases yes, if your server is running Microsoft Windows it may well be possible to update your Server with EVO or even and EVO Global installation. Your old recordings though will not be compatible with EVO.

Q. I have Upgraded my Server now I cannot see my cameras, why ?

A. The most likely reasons are you have not updated your Monitor Software to the same version as your Server or you previously had Monitor "Auto Logging In" and quite often after an update you just need to manually login the first time you use EVO Monitor.

Q. I have a support question

A. When you purchase your Luxriot software we will provide you with our Videcom Support contact details. Also provided with every Luxriot installation is a contact Luxriot direct wizard where you can describe your fault and forward system logs direct to the Luxriot Support engineers.

Q. Why does my server reboot sometimes ?

A. Good question, Luxriot EVO has a couple of configurable automated Watchdog tasks which can force a server reboot.

Periodic Restart: An automated maintenance restart by default set to restart your server once every 7 days. You are able to adjust or disable this task.

Main Watchdog: Your server(s) if enabled [default on] is monitored for memory and processor usage, you can see these statistics in EVO Console Monitoring section. If the parameters exceed those set then Watchdog will look to recover your server through a system reboot. If you are experiencing excessive or random reboots of your server and you believe these to be generated through Luxriot EVO Server Software , you can temporarily disable Watchdog as well as monitor your server stats. It's always worth looking what other tasks are running in your server, use Windows Task Manager to check your server is not unnecessarily working too hard.

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Q. Please explain EVO Failback and Failover

A. Failback and over are both robust safe data modules within EVO, designed to increase storage data resilience. Where data redundancy is required we recommend you also consider offsite Archive Data Replication.

Failover: This is an EVO Global only function where a recording server can be added to a configured group of servers with the Failover automatically taking over server duties of any one failed server, you can add more failover servers increasing redundancy. Failover protects against any catastrophic hardware or software issue. For Global Server resilience options also exist to Global Mirror.

Failback: Available on all versions of EVO Failback is designed to set aside storage to take over any other storage device or devices should they fail. EVO Supports multiple storage profiles and failover is used to provide redundancy protection should any of your storage disks (areas) fail.