Luxriot EVO S 96


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96 channel version of the Luxriot EVO S software, allowing up to 96 video channels to be connected to your server and an unlimited number of client connections for viewing and review. EVO S is a single server VMS solution.

EVO S comes complete with 2 year software update plan.

About Luxriot EVO S:

Luxriot Evo S is a new-generation piece of security and video surveillance software from Luxriot, offering a fast and scalable stand-alone multiple-server solution that truly answers your security needs.

WIth all the benefits of the Luxriot security and video surveillance monitoring system core, proven to be high-quality and reliable and now upgraded to the 64-bit WIndows version, it adds an even more intuitive user interface and better functionality, as well as a long list of add-ons.

Cross-functional and modern, Luxriot Evo S supports well over 4000 cameras and other network devices from major producers. The EVO S software is designed for single server surveillance systems with up to unlimited channel license and allows hybrid solutions, connecting traditional analogue CCTV with latest generation IP CCTV cameras and hardware.

We are so confident of the Luxriot EVO S solution for single server applications we are happy to provide you with a free no time limit licence for up to 16 video device channels. Just place an order for the 16 channel complimentary edition. EVO S is available in 24. 48, 72,96 and unlimited editions, all coming with a built in 2 year extendable software update support plan.

Looking for a complete enterprise-level solution? Please refer to the Luxriot Evo Global version of the software.

EVO S comes complete with 2 year software update plan.