Playing Back Luxriot EVO Video Streams :

EVO Monitor provides various options for user playback, uses can use "Instant Playback" direct from the main live viewing screens, Archive Playback a dedicated replay and download area, Sequenced Search time division search routine, Smart Search a motion detection enabled search as well as Analytic searching from VCA, FR and ANPR Bolt-Ons.

Which ever playback option you choose EVO presents you with a fast, intuitive and user friendly interface, incorporating all the UAC, Audit and Device Security available throughout all EVO S and Global products. Exporting your video data is easily completed with Time & Date Wizards and export formats AVI, MP4 & MKV. Luxriot also provides a bulk export utility with all EVO versions allowing large data export in Raw Luxriot format along with a custom viewer which allows ongoing time and date searching external to the Monitor application.

Luxriot Monitor Navigation Menu Bar
Luxriot EVO Monitor Playback

Playback Tab

Navigates directly to the main Playback screen, your currently selected main monitor montage will automatically be displayed.

On the bottom of the replay screen you are presented with the playback stream times [1](configurable), standard playback controls [3], quick next motion jump buttons [2] as well as export, bookmark and snapshot icons [4].

Luxriot EVO Advanced Search

Sequence Search

Sequence allows you to select a video stream and a time and date period to search, you are then presented with a timelapse sequence of stills which you can then highlight and run the sequence routine again, drilling down into the recorded footage allowing for speedy checking of footage where a easily identifiable change event has occurred such as a stolen vehicle.

Luxriot EVO SMart Motion Search

Smart Search

Smart allows you to highlight an area within a video image, set time and date parameters and return results containing motions detected by EVO Motion Detection.

Ideally suited for low motion cameras such as Car Park Stairwells, and out of hours surveillance Offices, Shops and Schools.

Smart search dramatically reduces the time it take to review footage.

Luxriot VCA Smart Searching

VCA Search

VCA searching allows drilling down to include VCA objects within the search criteria. For example footage can be searched and requested to return results for analytic detected events such as vehicles detected.Reporting is separately available for VCA counting events, including reports on built in Luxriot counters.

EVO Video ANPR Seach

ANPR (LPR) Review

Search for ANPR transactions by:

  • Video Channel ID
  • Time & Date
  • Licence Plate or Partial Index

Video can be loop played direct from search results or clicked through to main Playback

Archive Export Wizard

Bulk Archive Export

Bulk export allows for large data exporting. For major evidence seizure or archiving of data to enable retention outside of your normal data retention policy.

This utility works with the same UAC configuration used within EVO to ensure data integrity.

Luxriot External Data Sources

Data Source Search

Serial data integration, a standard feature within all paid versions of EVO provides text overlay on video and the ability to search for known data capture events. Commonly used for Point of Sale, Access Control and for data tagging video events.

Luxriot LPR Search

ANPR (LPR) Search

Separate ANPR interrogation area for time and date and idex searching, with rapid display of matching reads along with ability to loop play video within search window.

Jump to main replay window taking your selected search result with you for further investigation.

Luxriot EVO Reports


Reports and graphs derived from Video Content Analytics People Counting.

Create reports based on Counters, Times & Times of Day.

Export graphs in pdf format to your evidence library, graphs available in line, pie and bar.