OPC Data integration

OPC is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation space and in other industries. It is platform independent and ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors. The OPC Foundation is responsible for the development and maintenance of this standard.

The OPC standard is a series of specifications developed by industry vendors, end-users and software developers. These specifications define the interface between Clients and Servers, as well as Servers and Servers, including access to real-time data, monitoring of alarms and events, access to historical data and other applications.

Information is edited extract from OPC Foundation Website

EVO has a built in OPC client allowing for data variable sharing from OPC compliant external devices such as access control and security alarm systems that support the OPC standard, this third party information integration is in addition to the external data sources described here.

OPC Server to Luxriot EVO
Luxriot EVO to OPC Server

Access Control:

Integrate with Access Control Systems that work with OPC, create events and actions based on site egress activity, door alarms and access denied events.

Call up cameras automatically, show access events on EVO Maps, tag video with OPC events.

BMS Integration:

Integrate with OPC compliant Building Management Systems, add objects to EVO Maps and create events and alerts through data exchange with the BMS System.

Monitor Power events, heating systems, plumbing and air-conditioning through EVO.

Fire and Intruder:

Connect building fire and intruder systems to EVO, deliver enhanced notification and integration to your security team.

Allow integration of live video data with real time events generated from your OPC compliant fire and intruder systems.

Why is OPC integration so useful ?

OPC data sharing allows you to send and receive data variables from one system to another, these variables are standard defined types such as number, string, date, time, date & Boolean. At the time of writing we have successfully tested the standard variables String (text), Number (integer), and Boolean (True/False) which is set with binary 0=False, 1=True.

Events and Actions can both read OPC data variables and set them (depending on Read/Write access), for example, EVO can monitor a variable and when it meets a specific configured condition trigger an event.

Door 4 Status: Open=True > Send camera Door 4 to EVO Monitor and raise event notification to client. Allowing the operator to see the door access event from the associated CCTV camera.

OPC integration is helping delivery of smarter city CCTV solutions with deeper level cost effective integration with existing systems and services connected over wide area networks. Together with data source sharing over RS232, TCP and UDP OPC client integration extends the flexible outreaching capabilities of the Luxriot EVO software.