Luxriot EVO Monitor :

The heart of the Luxriot user experience EVO Monitor is a fully featured user configurable IP CCTV monitor application with access to your EVO connected IP video streams enabling live view and replay, notification of alarms and alerts, display of interactive maps including Geo maps, , download and analytic integration.

Once you buy your Luxriot EVO server software you can install as many instances of the EVO Monitor software as you wish; for Mac OS users there is also a thin client application option. EVO monitor is available in both 32 bit and recommended 64 bit versions, and is also packaged with the EVO Console and Main EVO Server installers.

Luxriot EVO Monitor

Luxriot EVO Monitor

A dedicated interface for viewing live and recorded contents of connected Luxriot EVO servers; it also includes advanced features such as playback, video and snapshot export, alert monitoring, PTZ and digital PTZ control, among others..

Luxriot EVO Monitor

Custom Montage Screen Layouts

Design and share display screen layouts, create and share your custom montages.

,Mix static & online Geo maps along with cameras on single monitor display. EVO Monitor supports multi-monitor display workstations.

Luxriot EVO Monitor User Configuration

Adaptable User Configuration

Extensive user adaptable configuration options including display options, colours, object and viewport settings.

Use key mapping to create custom keystroke shortcuts and integrate with USB Joysticks and joystick buttons..

Luxriot EVO Smart Video Replay

Playback Options

EVO Monitor offers so many different replay and video options we have dedicated a whole feature just for playback.

Enjoy Instant Playback, Smart Motion search, Sequenced search, Analytics plus traditional T&D.

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Luxriot EVO Video Export

Luxriot EVO Video Export

Mange your exported video centrally with configurable export video library. Export to AVI. MP4 and MKV with soft T&D title options, timelapse export and snapshots plus pdf reports for analytics and counters.

Copy to DVD and export Watermark Validator and Luxriot EVO Portable Player

Bulk Evidence Export

Bulk export is often a problem with digital IP CCTV systems, when you buy Luxriot EVO you have this covered with a separate software utility to export volume video data from camera(s) to external storage devices, USB hard drives or even an external data store, with portable player you can replay this exported video and even create smaller exported data subsets.

Luxriot EVO Events and Actions

Events and Notification

Alerts: Chronological list of notification events.

Pop-Up: Configured from Console alert pop-up messages with audible options.

Notification Area: Translucent display area displaying additional data such as ANPR.

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Luxriot EVO Global Video Wall

Global Video Wall

Configure large screen monitors as video displays and send cameras using drag and drop or "send to" command.

Push maps, montages and saved displays direct to video wall.

Allow and configure Events and Actions to update EVO video wall displays.

*EVO Global Only

Luxriot EVO Joystick Control

Camera control & Digital Zoom

Use onscreen HUD display to control your PTZ cameras.

Highlight an area of your video image for digital image zoom.

Connect USB proportional speed Joysticks for even better control, with variable speed and user button integration.

Luxriot USer Account Control

User Control and Audit

Manage user access to EVO Monitor, EVO Servers, devices and functionality through LUxriot EVO User Account Control.

Track system usage and data compliance through Audit.

Luxriot EVO Mobile App

Mobile Clients :

Mobile device support for Android, iPhone and iPad with live and review.

Also supports device camera streaming to EVO server as well GPS and Audio connectivity.

Luxriot EVO MAc OS Thin Client

Mac Thin Client

Easy to use application allows simultaneous multiple camera monitoring. You are always in control with Luxriot Mac OS Thin client.

Playback, Live View, Multi-Screen, Multi-Server connectivity.

EVO Complimentary :

You can try many of the features of EVO Monitor before you Buy Luxriot EVO, Videcom are happy to supply you with a single client connection complimentary licence for upto 16 video streams, you will be able to try before you buy and check out many of the features and functions described throughout our site. Check out the "how to install" EVO Complimentary video technical support and advice for the complimentary edition is limited, please refer to the software manual and also our EVO installation guide. We are so confident you will enjoy the complimentary edition you will choose to Buy Luxriot EVO. Simply download the standard Luxriot EVO S, available here, and then order a complimentary licence  through our Buy Luxriot shop.