Luxriot EVO Events and Actions :

Luxriot EVO Events & Actions combined with external data source integration, such as external serial data or Video Content Analytics direct from supported cameras, all helps to make Luxriot EVO stand out from the competition. Available with all paid versions of EVO S and Global - Events and Actions provides a powerful set of software automation tools combined with configurable logic, flexible time frames and a wide range of trigurable events and notification options.

In our example we are also focusing on serial data and using this as our trigger event, Serial External Data integration is yet another built in EVO software function enabling serial text data to be used within the EVO software family both as a searchable textual video overlay and as managed data that can be used to trigger events.

In all cases where we look to use Events and Actions we have [Trigger] - [Conditions] - [Action], a simple example of this is [Camera 1 Video Loss] - [Between 8am and 6pm] - [Send email to admin department with details of event].

Standard event sources [Triggers] are automatically set up with each video device such as motion events, video loss and recovery. Users also have access to configurable E&A software settings including timers to delay Actions, Digital Counters & Flags as well as the ability to run external programs from within EVO or send http requests providing additional support for common IP APi integration.

RS 232 Serial data Luxriot EVO

Source Data

Remember this can also be a camera event or server issue such as loss of storage, or simply a scheduled time.

In our example we are going to use an external serial data source. The serial data source can be sent over RS232, UDP or TCIP.

EVO supports a wide range of serial data formats, allowing for example Point of Sale integration. Some data management experience would be an advantage. Manual reading recommended.

Videcom can help you choose the correct data transmission options for your system.

Events and Actions Configuration Luxriot EVO


Serial data will typically have a [start]-[message]-[end] format, and often there are common formats within the message. EVO serial data setup allows the configuring of variable capture with REGEX (text pattern matching) this allows you to capture a variable within the data such as an ID of a controlled door when integrating Access Control with your CCTV. Serial data sent from the door control system can be received by EVO as serial data and with some pattern matching and recognition the door ID extracted allowing the system to automatically switch the CCTV.

Access Control EVents within EVO


So we see the trigger [Door 7 Access Granted], this event would be saved into a string variable or we could use just the numeric 7 as an integer.

Our data capture would be [Start = "Door"],[End ="Access Granted"], [Data Pattern Match = {numbers}]

This data event through configurator is assigned to a camera, we can then create an event that is triggered by the number 7 being seen. And from this event trigger Camera Door 7 to be shown on screen, if the data allows we could also text overlay the access details onto the video, and allow this data to be searched.


Camera: Motion, Video Status, VCA & I/O

Server: Disk Excluding, Disk Error, Failback, Failover.

User Buttons: Button Clicked.

VCA Event: Tripwire, Intrusion, Object Left/Removed.

Variable: String = or contains, Number <>=


Condition Flag: On/Off

Schedules: 24/7 Calendar Control

Timer: Delay Start


Application & Audit Logging

Recording control from event

Send email and snapshots

RunProgram or Send http requests

Create Bookmark or Notify Client

Play Audio Files

Control External Service

Set/Unset Condition Flag

Events and actions allows you to create complex automated response plans for monitored events. Although we have focused on serial data in this article triggers can be created from a variety of sources enabling complex event management through your Luxriot EVO system.

Luxriot have provided a detailed focused guide to Point of Sale integration and the use of serial data. This article goes through the various steps for setting up your serial data interface, the example uses UDP and IP transmission to get the data from the POS system into the server, equally for RS232 systems a simple serial port can be configured. The data configuration within EVO includes test facilities so your settings can be checked before deployment. Videcom can provide additional technical support both with configuration as well as options for custom data conversion between systems where our software engineers have a good pedigree for module integration using serial data. Further Reading ...