Luxriot EVO Audio Recording :

Audio recording is an important part of many CCTV and IP security systems, common for recording in Casinos, public receptions as well as law enforcement and high security CCTV installations. Many common VMS solutions only provide for either audio at camera or seperate audio capture interface. Luxriot EVO provides a mix of options including camera audio, server audio card, USB Multichannel audio as well as audio sharing across video devices. Capture Audio on camera 1 and record and listen to the audio on camera 2.

Casino Audio Recording

Camera Audio

Many IP cameras either have an audio input or built in microphone, in most cases Luxriot EVO supports audio input from these devices, your audio will be recorded along with the video track if correctly configured.

Audio sources can be shared between IP video channels.

Luxriot Audio Capture

Internal Audio Card

Your EVO server audio microphone/line input can be configured as an external audio source and associated with a camera(s) video channel in Luxriot Console.

Typically standard audio cards only allow for a single audio source to be added, please also see USB audio.

Listen to EVO Audio

USB Audio

USB Audio capture can be used to add low cost multiple audio input to your server with a small USB hub and USB to Audio capture device.

Audio can also be listened to while viewing your camera.

Bi Directional Audio

Luxriot EVO provides bi-directional audio capability for supported IP Video devices.

Fist setup your camera or IP device and enable your audio IO and set the levels correctly for your microphone and speakers. Test your audio locally for correct operation using the cameras web interface and local microphone, again ensure you are happy with all the audio levels.

Configure Luxriot Audio

When configuring your channel in EVO Console, enable your audio input device, if supported this will be shown and your output device will also be automatically configured

To access your live EVO audio select your video channel and additional audio icons will be displayed in the lower right controls icon area within Luxriot Monitor. Shown as E and F.

Audio will be recorded with video stream if configured in recording profile.

Enable listen and push to talk Luxriot Audio

A = Instant Playback, B= Digital PTZ, C = Motion OSD, D = Switch Streams / Auto, E = Listen to Audio, F = Push to Talk, G = Aspect Ratio,

H = Enable Notification Overlay, I = Set Bookmark, J = Take Snapshot