Luxriot EVO :

Luxriot EVO is a fully feature Video Management System (VMS) designed to manage, record, view and replay IP Videcom cameras whilst also supporting legacy analogue video cameras via installable video capture cards or video encoders. Two product streams are available.

EVO S: Standalone single server instance of the Luxriot Server software with an unlimited number of client connections. Designed primarily for smaller systems typically up to 96 cameras where primary functionality is recording and replay without advanced redundancy features and managed video wall displays

EVO Global: Fully featured Enterprise Video Management System with advanced redundancy options, duplicated video recording, monitor wall controls, multiple servers centrally managed, managed server mirroring, designed for larger scale systems, multisite installations, for example Towns, Cities, Casino, Retail Chain Stores, Industrial Sites, Ports and Airports.

EVO Common Features :

EVO S and Global share many features and can be viewed and controlled through the same Luxriot EVO Monitor Application.

More information on features found in all paid for versions or EVO can be found here.

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What is EVO ?

Luxriot EVO is an open architecture video management software solution, offering a wide range of IP video device integration.

Before you buy Luxriot EVO please feel free to browse our various support pages and information on EVO.

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